Canadian TV Designer and Wife Open New Art Gallery in Pickering

Canadian TV Designer and Host Paul Lafrance and his wife Janna are bringing fine artists, photographers, jewelry makers, woodworkers and everyone in-between together under one roof.

You see, the duo has just opened L’Artisan, an art gallery that will house an extraordinary collection of artwork by artists and craftspeople from all across Canada. The new gallery is located in Pickering, ON at 611 Liverpool Road.
The gallerhy features unique artistry from floor to ceiling, including the decor and finish of the shop itself. Local artisans have contributed unique finishes in a collaborative effort to show off the talent and ingenuity of Canadian artists.

“We live in an age that has, in many ways, lost sight of the value of the artisan,” says Paul Lafrance. “The industrial revolution did a lot to advance society technologically, but the cost has never been more apparent than it is now, with Canada being in desperate and increasing need of skilled tradespeople and craftsmen. Anyone who creates something from nothing is an artist, which includes the skilled trades. This gallery will be a symbol for the return of the age of the artisan.”

As a designer, musician, and photographer, Paul has always had a passion for the arts and the value and richness they add to any culture. For too long, it has been difficult for artists to make a successful living at their craft.

“Paul and I have so many truly gifted friends and have come across so much undiscovered talent over the years that we started thinking, ‘Hey, maybe we could bring all of these fine people together and really show the world how rich Canada’s art culture really is,’” says Janna. “There’s this undeniable impact that we have when we learn how to work together in synergy and how to celebrate one another’s accomplishments as if they are our own.”

The couple spent over a year collecting artwork, jewelry, glasswork, woodwork, and even organic handcrafted body products to fill this little shop by the bay with a truly remarkable collection.


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