New Age Performance Inc.

Clench Down and Lift More

New Age Performance Inc. Mouthware Technology Delivers Instant Gratification to Athletes

Chomp down. Lift more. Win big.

This is what athletes are experiencing when they utilize cutting-edge technology from New Age Performance Inc.

Weightlifters typically clench their teeth while lifting, so the chances of them busting their teeth during training and competitions are very high. However, now they can clench and have all their muscles working efficiently, as well as have their teeth protected, with the revolutionary patent-protected mouthware technology offered by New Age Performance Inc.

The direct result when using New Age technology is simple: You might lift as much as 15 percent more weight without destroying your teeth.

That’s right, athletes are getting instant gratification when using mouthware technology from New Age Performance Inc.

New Age Performance Inc.

Brian Shaw, who holds the moniker as the “World’s Strongest Man,” uses New Age Performance Inc. technology during training and competitions. Photo Credit: New Age Performance Inc./2018.


The company’s innovative technology helps correct, align and stabilize an athlete’s jaw instantly, and offers an array of top-down body performance benefits: increase balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow, and protects teeth when grinding occurs.

Even better, the company has just made a huge discovery: they have created a bite that gives an athlete a consistent clench during workouts, therefore allowing the rest of their muscles to work more efficiently, translating into better lifts in the gym for longer periods of time.

The widely known international company is now offering an array of innovative mouthware products, including performance-enhancing athletic mouthpieces and mouthguards, and they are proving to be real game changers for professional and amateur athletes and iron lifters alike.

What makes the company’s mouthware products so unique is that they apply patented Dimensional Stabilizer (DS) technology, a dynamic feature that prevents performance depletion.

Do other mouthware products on the market help you lift more while protecting your teeth? You be the judge.

New Age’s mouthpieces retail for $29 to $40 (USD) and the mouthguards are $39 to $50 (USD). And there is a difference between both lines of products: the mouthguards, which are worn on the upper-teeth, offer full frontal protection; and the mouthpieces go on the lower-teeth and help an athlete’s overall performance naturally.

The products offered by New Age Performance Inc. are all backed by over 40 years of innovative research conducted by esteemed dental and higher-education institutions.

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