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Dragons Beware: New Age Performance Inc. Mouthware Technology Is the Real Deal

Go Ahead − Challenge the Company’s Innovative Mouthware Devices!

There are loads of gizmos and wearables on the market that claim to do all sorts of things. But buyers beware.

Put a bracelet on your wrist or clip a so-called neuro device on your clothing and you will have better balance and improved performance in your sport of choice. Sound familiar? Yes, we are now living in a world where we are inundated with new technology that asserts to be the be-all-and-end-all, while helping enhance our overall well-being.

The good news however is that many ‘hocus pocus’ products on the market are now being challenged by consumers who are realizing how little truth there is behind all the buzzwords and elevator pitches. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

However, enter New Age Performance Inc. – they have developed revolutionary patent-protected mouthware technology that’s now being used by scores of athletes around the world. Even better, the company’s products – performance-enhancing athletic mouthpieces and mouthguards – are all backed by over 50 years of sound research from renowned higher education and dental institutions, like Rutgers University and the University of Connecticut. The actual science is based on TMJ Dysfunction.

This is why the validity of the company’s products has never once been challenged by consumers, athletes and the media alike. However, if you want to challenge them, well then go right ahead.

The New Age team recently appeared on the Dragon’s Den on CBC – wowing the business savvy panel who pledged to invest $100,000 for marketing efforts in 2018 and beyond.

The company’s innovative technology helps correct, align and stabilize an athlete’s jaw instantly, and offers an array of top-down body performance benefits: increase balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow, and protects teeth when grinding occurs.

Even better, the company has just made a huge discovery: they have created a bite that gives an athlete a consistent clench during workouts, therefore allowing the rest of their muscles to work more efficiently, translating into better lifts in the gym for longer periods of time.

The technology New Age developed is adopted from mouthware devices introduced in the 1970’s and 1980’s, such as with the MORA appliance, which boasted improved jaw alignment and better overall performance for athletes.

But let’s go back further and explore the theory behind the bite and jaw alignment.

In 1960, Dr. John Strenger, a dentist with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, developed a mouthguard for the players who noted they could hit harder, and these athletes also experienced less post-op injuries.

Then in 1980, Dr. Richard Kaufman, a dentist from Oceanside, NY, fabricated and positioned several mouth splints for US Olympic luge and US Olympic bobsled teams at Lake Placid.

“Headaches previously suffered by lugers during their runs were alleviated to varying degrees in some athletes,” Kaufman reported. “Some athletes indicated an increase in strength when pushing off at the start.”

Kaufman has recounted a number of other clinical observations of athletes for whom he had made appliances for: football players, baseball pitchers, hockey players, distance runners, pole vaulters and discus throwers. And all athletes confirmed that their performance improved.

What’s even more unique is that New Age Performance Inc. however has taken the research and past case studies and they have found a way to advance the bite in their products.  That’s right –their mouthware is just like upgrading your old cell phone with today’s latest and greatest iPhone technology.

Simply put, the bite New Age has discovered is amazing. They have done this via patented Dimensional Stabilizer (DS) technology, a dynamic feature that prevents performance depletion, while naturally enhancing one’s physical activity.

Do other mouthware products on the market help increase your performance while protecting your teeth? You be the judge.

New Age’s mouthpieces retail for $29 to $40 (USD) and the mouthguards are $39 to $50 (USD). And there is a difference between both lines of products: the mouthguards, which are worn on the upper-teeth, offer full frontal protection; and the mouthpieces go on the lower-teeth and help an athlete’s overall performance naturally.

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