New Age Performance Inc. Welcomes Timothy Klund (TK), Renowned Corporate Performance Coach and Mouthpiece Specialist

New Age Performance Inc., a popular company that offers cutting-edge mouthpieces and mouth guards to amateur and professional athletes around the world, now has a well-known veteran performance coach and mouthpiece specialist on its squad.

That’s right, the New Age Performance Inc. team is stronger than ever as Timothy Klund (Left In Photo Above), popularly known as ‘TK,’ is now the company’s Director of Sales and Business Development.

TK, who hails from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, has a decorated career and is a proven leader. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran, corporate executive with Fortune 500 experience, an author, an entrepreneur, a professional speaker, and one of the most connected individuals you will probably ever meet. Even better, he has a decade of solid experience in the performance mouthpiece industry.

New Age Performance Inc. is a company that’s growing in a massive way with their signature product, the Pro 6DS New Age Performance Mouthpiece − a sport orthotic that is now being hailed as a ‘game-changer’ among scores of athletes.

“I am thrilled to join the New Age Performance team,” says TK. “I have spent the last 10 years working in the mouthpiece industry and I can honestly say that there is no other product on the market like the Pro 6DS Mouthpiece. This device is truly innovative, affordable and is proven to help athletes reach their full potential.”

He adds, “I am already working with lots of athletes – high school, NCAA, and professionals – and they love this device. This product is going to totally explode on the market… You just watch.”

The device is a first of its kind on the market and uniquely links science with sport.

Keep in mind that most of the population has alignment and balance issues stemming from grinding, missing teeth or most commonly a misaligned bite. Of course all of these factors make it impossible for an athlete to perform at their peak athletic potential if alignment is not corrected.

The Pro 6DS is the only mouthware available that utilizes patented Dimensional Stabilizer (DS) technology. This innovative technology can help correct, align and stabilize your jaw instantly, and offers an array of top-down body performance benefits. In all, the device helps increase balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow, and protects teeth when grinding occurs.

The Pro 6DS New Age Performance Mouthpiece is backed by over 40 years of research by leading neuromuscular dentists and highly esteemed dental and higher-education institutions, including Rutgers University.

Rob Charlton (Right In Photo Above), co-inventor and president of New Age Performance Inc., knows TK will be a big asset to the team and will help get the device in the hands of countless athletes locally, nationally and internationally.

“TK has an impressive track record in the mouthpiece industry and his enthusiasm and love for sports is contagious,” says Charlton. “He is an experienced leader and we know that he will be a tremendous asset to our team, and at the same time he will educate hundreds of athletes on the benefits of our technology. Our device is being raved about and TK will take our company and brand to new heights.”

For more information on the new Pro 6DS New Age Performance Mouthpiece and the other products offered by the company, visit: or


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