The PDH365

Here is a smart drying hanger for every athlete: The PDH365

The PDH365 is now the rave among athletes of all ages locally and nationally, and outdoor enthusiasts too.

And if you don’t own it yet, then you should really consider getting one.

The PDH365, launched by Sixteen & 8 Sports Inc. in London, ON, is now a “must-have product” on the market. It’s a very innovative sports gear drying hanger and organizer that’s now being offered by major retail outlets online: Costco, Walmart, Best Buy and Staples. The product is “wowing” consumers as it turns any home or hotel room into a smart gear storage and drying facility.

What athletes and outdoor-goers like so much about the product is that it has enough room to dry full sets of sweat-soaked equipment − undergarments, jerseys, athletic footwear, accessories and outdoor gear − in a sanitary manner. According to scores of athletes and parents alike, traditional drying stands on the market have less drying space and have not been designed for travel, so this is why they are now hailing the PDH365 as “super-extra-special” and a real “game-changer-of-an-invention.”

The PDH365 offers over 200” more in drying space compared to traditional drying stands and collapses to 23” W x 19” L x 3.5” H. Since it is compact and weighs only three pounds it will fit in most hockey bags and luggage. The PDH365 also doubles up as a drying hanger for everyday laundry and instant closet organizer for storing all sorts of items like towels, linen, sweaters and blankets.

Christine Holmes, who is the founder and owner of Sixteen & 8 Sports Inc., is the inventor of this innovative product. Being a mother with a son who plays multiple sports, she has witnessed first-hand just where athletes dry out their equipment: on the floor. What worried her most are the germs that get on equipment, especially at hotel rooms. This is why she drummed up the idea for the PDH365, and the rest is history.

Holmes’ knows that her product will sure come in handy for hockey players soon heading into playoffs and tournaments at this time of the year.

Another reason to get your hands on this product now is that registration for spring and summer sports have already begun.

“Athletes who play multiple sports will definitely enjoy using this product that can be used 365 -days a year,” she says.

“Yes, there is a reason why we put the ‘365’ in the ‘PDH’… I designed the PDH365 with every sport in mind, while giving customers the option to use it during the off-season for everyday laundry and as a closet-and-smart-space organizer, giving it added value for athletes and their families year-round,” she adds with a smile.


The PDH365

The PDH365 is ideal for every athlete.


The PHH365 is perfect for any player and outdoor-goers to own and is great for the home and while staying in hotel rooms,” explains Holmes.

She adds, “It’s a known fact that hotel rooms harbour bacteria of sorts and ‘hot spots’ can take up over 81% percent of hotel room surfaces, which includes the floor, bed and furniture, where sports gear is typically dried. Recent tests on hotel rooms have revealed traces of urine, semen, fecal matter, along with hair, fingernail clippings, mold, insect parts, dust mites and bed bugs. It’s a great feeling knowing that I have created a new product that will help athletes store and dry their equipment in a safe manner.”

“The product is also perfect at this time of the year for families who will soon be traveling on March Break,” she says. “From sunny beaches to snowy mountains, and from hotels and chalets to campers, the PDH365 is simply ideal for your drying and storage needs while on vacation. In fact our product has been quoted as the new ‘Travelling Miracle’ among parents and sports gurus.”


The PDH365

The PDH365 helps you create more space.


The product is versatile, thanks to its specially designed hanger hooks (door/wall). You can also hang the PDH365 on closet rods, secure shower rods, garment stands, back of the door wardrobe hangers, or set it up in the basement or garage.

That’s right, “hook, drop and dry” is now as easy as 1, 2, 3, and this product is ideal for both large spaces, as well as tight living spaces like dorm rooms.

Even better, this “Made-In-Canada-Invention” is also environmentally friendly as air drying does not require energy, which means you can now fire your dryer and save on dryer sheets for good. The PDH365 is also great for storing bulky items, work wear equipment, and is ideal for camping and outdoor enthusiasts who want to dry out their sleeping bags, bathing suits, towels and fishing gear.

The PDH365 retails at a number of stores online, so get yours today:

Costco – Wholesale


Best Buy





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