Two entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the delivery of holiday e-cards

It is a busy time of year. Addressing and sending holiday cards can sometimes be time consuming and expensive, and keeping track of all those postal addresses is, let’s face it, a drag. How easy would your life be if you could do your seasonal greeting cards on your iPad, smartphone or laptop in 30 minutes or less on your lunch hour?

Two small-town trendsetters from Liverpool, N.S., graphic designer Greg Tutty and web developer Jeff VanderWal, have developed a brilliant solution.

The duo is now offering a new online electronic greeting card site that will help busy professionals send their ecards with the click of a button. Their site is a first-of-its-kind on many levels.

For substantially less than the cost of a box of standard holiday cards and no postage fees you can easily email or post original, hand-crafted greeting cards to everyone on your list from (ECF).”

Greg explains, “Think you know ecards, you haven’t seen ours. ECF ecards are unique and COOL, designed to be unlike any other on the market. Purposely non-animated (no dancing frogs here) and easy-to-use with unique industry-leading features like ecards embedded directly in an email message and images that post directly on a friend’s Facebook wall.”

Greg and Jeff’s new card venture stemmed from an incident in 2015 when Tutty couldn’t find a suitable ecard to send to his 24-year old niece’s Facebook page. “My experience was that most ecards were animated with graphics and sound. You’d be emailed a link, and then you had to click on that link to go to a website to view your ecard. Almost everyone has a device of some sort and people communicate primarily through email or social media and mail traditional cards less often. I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a simple site where you could email or post an appropriate JPEG image to Facebook with one click.”

Sensing a hole in the market, Greg approached his friend and business associate, Jeff VanderWal, a teacher at the Nova Scotia Community College and freelance web programmer, and together they formed

As an experienced graphic designer, Greg was in charge of writing and designing the library of ecards. His concept was to mimic the look of classic printed cards rather than typical computer-generated ecards by employing paper textures, filters, vintage graphics, unique fonts and traditional hand-rendered art techniques for a totally new look.

Jeff, with his many years of programming and website development experience was in charge of the herculean task of developing the website and the systems of delivery across all devices and operating systems.

Greg admits that the pair had no idea of the volume of work involved when they started out, and he guesses that they devoted an estimated 4000 hours of their spare time for research, illustration, design, coding, development and testing in preparing the site for launch.

ECF went ‘live’ earlier this year and the response so far has been great. One regular user, business owner Jean Robinson-Dexter said, “I really enjoy using the ecardfoundry cards – they’re easy, unique, beautiful, and there’s a message for just about any occasion or purpose.” Annette Burke, a teacher and member, enthused: “It takes me less than a minute to choose and post on a friend’s Facebook wall. I’ve sent five already today. If you’re a busy computer, tablet or smartphone user, you simply have to join this site!”

The ecard company is the only one of its kind in Canada, and offers delivery systems and utilities that are not available on any other ecard site – such as an innovative tracking tool and the ability to paste an ecard as a comment under a post on Facebook. Says Greg proudly: “We’ve worked hard. We’ve done our research and we’ve created a very unique offering. We’re hoping to change the way people send greetings across North America, especially during the holidays. Making it easier to send a cheer and a smile. How great is that?’

The yearly membership for unlimited cards is roughly the cost of two traditional cards. Members choose from a well-organized library of over 2300 (and growing) unique designs. Besides a range of seasonal Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday greetings, including pet- and Christian-themed, they offer felicitations ready to send for every occasion. Ecards can be delivered via email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest with one simple click. Visitors can test drive the easy-to-use service by setting up a simple profile and emailing two free, no obligation ecards. Only full members can post to social media.


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